Vission & Mission

Our Mission

The purpose of the Mahavidyalaya is to create a just, humane, and sustainable world through education & "To Develop Competencies of Students with Good Value System to Face Challenges of the Continuously Changing World".

Our Vision

The Mahavidyalaya believes that education is the key to creating a just, humane, and sustainable world for all people, animals, and the environment. We offer programs and resources designed to train, educate, and inspire students to become humane educators and change makers, and to live with compassion and integrity while working to solve the most pressing challenges of the time. We achieve this by :
1. Offering Regular Class and Organizing Training Opportunities.
2. Providing relevant resources and Library Facility.
3. Advancing the field of humane education through redefining the purpose of education & promoting Teachers-Students Relationship.

Apart from Pre-set syllabus we help the students to :

1. Know what is actually happening on our planet, to other people, to other species, and to the ecosystems that sustain us all.
2. Experience reverence, respect, and a sense of responsibility for others, Society at large and for the natural world.
3. Think critically and creatively and to evaluate all information intelligently.
4. Appreciate that their lives have the capacity to make a difference through their individual choices, their work, and their activity.
5. Gain the passion and tools to successfully solve problems.
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