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21st Century is the epoch of Knowledge, Information and Communication. Availability of information and effective communication has been made possible by Technological Development. But Knowledge without College is not possible. Keeping in mind this view some noble minds of Buniadpur undertake the pain of forming a Degree College at Buniadpur in dream of scintillating future of generation to come. It is the ideals in heart, hunger for knowledge in mind, indefatigable efforts, noble sacrifices, undiluted stewardship, love for future generation & for society at large and boundless initiative of the people in general of the locality and above all the Higher Education Policy of the Govt. of West Bengal that made it possible to brought into existence The BUNIADPUR MAHAVIDYALAYA as the centre of learning on the auspicious day of 13th June 2007 to cater to the increasing enthusiasm for higher education in the 21st Century. Affiliated to the University of Gour Banga (previously under North Bengal University), this Mahavidyalaya being the Eighth degree college in the district of Dakshin Dinajpur, is located in an idyllic environment amongst rural surrounding having a natural landscape with evergreen, calm and quite atmosphere free from the din and bustle of the municipal crowd but within the Township area. Far from the madding crowd, the place is really congenial to be absorbed in sustained studies with rapt attention. Situated at Buniadpur, just 1.5 km. from Buniadpur Railway Station and within 100 metres of State High Way, the Mahavidyalaya has in possession 4.06 acres of land enriching with potentiality for developing it into an ideal institution for higher studies. Meanwhile this Mahavidyalaya has come into limelight for its performance and result, comparable to many star colleges under University of Gour Banga. Within a very short span, the Mahavidyalaya has attained excellence & growth. But it has miles to go.

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URGENT-PART-III -Final Exam (2020)Routine & PART-I & II (2019) Supplimentary Exam.
Attention: 2nd Phase Admission notice in BA 1st Year(2020-21) Honours&General
Attention: Part-III-2020 Hons & General Final Examination Notice
ATTENTION:Honours Final Part-III Eligibility List
ATTENTION:General Final Part-III 2020 Eligibility list
URGENT-Important Notice for All Studenrs,TS-NTS & other concerned
Revised Reassessment Result Part-II Honours 2019
Revised Reassessment Part-II General 2019
Reassessment Result Part-I General 2019
Reassessment Result Part-I Honours 2019
Admission Notice 2020-21 for 1st Year 1st Semester
Reassessment Result Part-II General
Reassessment Result Part-II Hons
Updated SANH Part-III-2020(new inclusion-01)
Updated BNGH Part-III-2020(New inclusion-2)
Updated General Part-III-2020(14 nos new inclusion)
URGENT NOTICE PART-III-2020 Internal & Assignment related
Urgent Notice for B,A. Part-III-2020 Students-Regular/Casual/Back
General-Enrolled Candidate List-Part-III-2020
EDCH-Enrolled Candidate List-Part-III-2020
PLSH-Enrolled Candidate List-Part-III-2020
HISH-Enrolled Candidate List-Part-III-2020
SANH-Enrolled Candidate List-Part-III-2020
ENGH-Enrolled Candidate List-Part-III-2020
BNGH-Enrolled Candidate List- Part-III-2020
ENGH-2ndYr(P-4)&Sem-2-P-202-Shelley’sOde to the West Wind
ENGH-BA 2nd year Honours ,paper 4,Unit -6 Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
Attention English Department
Attention English Department
ENGH-ENG-H-2nd Yr(P-4) & 2nd SEM(P-202)Lamb-Chimney Sweepers
ENGH-Eng-H 2ndYr(P-4) & 2nd Sem(P-202)-Lamb-The Superannuated Man
ENGG-Semester-2 201-ENGG-C-2(A2B2)Poetry Unit1A (1)
BNGH+ BNGG-SEM-II–বিশেষবিজ্ঞপ্তি-WPS Office
ENGH-SEM-II-2nd Sem-Eng(H)-202-C.Lamb-Introduction
Sem-II-LC1-BNGG-Nil Darpan by Dinabandhu Mitra
Sem-II-BNGM-compulsory Bengপ্রবন্ধ(১ভারতবর্ষ,সৌন্দর্যতত্ত্ব)
Sem-II-BNGM-compulsory ben(৩টি ছোট গল্প)
BNGH-Part-II-Beng(H) 4 th paper সমালোচনা সাহিত্য
Sociology-Sem-II-Unit_5-Social changes and Social progress_ part(B)
Sociology-Sem-II-Unit_5-Social changes and Social progress…part(A)
Sociology-Sem-II-Unit- 4 -Social stratification part(B)
Sociology-Sem-II-Unit-4- Social stratification part(A)
ENGH-Sem-2,Eng-H-The Way of the World as Restoration Comedy of Manners-1
ENGH-Sem-2, Eng-H-The Way of the World as Restoration Comedy of Manners – 3
ENGH-Sem-2-Eng(H) The Way of the World – women_characters
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